Design Trends that Keep Your Model Homes Fresh

October 13, 2022

Colors, patterns, textures, and furniture flow are all things interior designers consider when creating “home-made” spaces. When it comes to creating a design style for model homes and various “lifestyle” spaces, it’s important to know who your audience is and what styles are trending and crossing over generational tastes and preferences. At Focus 360, our goal is to have knowledge and insights into the most current design trends so we can build top-of-the-line library selections to model various spaces across industries. We truly are an extension of your interior design team showcasing trending styles and marrying brand style with our finished products.

To keep up with the most current trends, our friends and partners at Builders Design, a 45-year-old, award-winning interior design firm, have shed light on the top trends that impact both single-family and multi-family design. Great design should be fresh, current, and reflective of local tastes, cultures, and buyer wants/needs. In this blog, we will reflect on a few of the top trends influencing design in 2022 and most likely carrying into 2023. If you have not checked out InTrend by Builders Design, stay tuned for their release of volume 3 in January!

Colors of the Year

Let’s start out with the topic of color. Greens, blues, burgundy, baked browns and retro yellow have all made space in this year’s color pallet. You’ll find there is not just one color of the year, but many depending on the subject matter expert revealing the color. Greens are being used in kitchens and are a major conversation piece in design – look for them to expand and deepen. Blues gain popularity with layering and adding depth to space. A new study has found Farrow & Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’ to currently be the most popular paint color on Instagram. Red takes a mature twist with a new look at burgundy. Pale pink hues deepen in a fresh take on burgundy that pairs well with similarly blackened jewel tones. Terracotta reflects the popularity of bringing natural elements into the home and own’s the return to other influences like warm earthy hues. Finally, retro yellow offers a vibrant accent and saffron has been coined “the new black”. How will you apply color to tell a story and draw interest and memorability to your product design?

Biophilic Spaces

Bringing nature indoors is also a trend. We are seeing more Biophilic design used within the home building industry that increases the connectivity of people to the natural environment. Biophilic Design is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn while fulfilling our deep and fundamental need to connect with nature. You may see biophilic design come in many forms from real to faux plants, use of branches, trees, and cascading wall gardens. Greenery becomes a statement of art, creativity, and “zen” to bring the outdoors in. See their use in homes, sales offices, and clubhouses!

Warming Walls

Adding textures and depth to accent walls is a new trend. Blurred wall textures take on plaster and stucco bringing a coziness to interiors, while warm wood tones and true brown stains also make a return. Wood paneling was all the rage in the mid-20th century, before falling out of favor for decades, but now, wood paneling is finding its way back! Wall textures make a move from white shiplap to deeper hues, angles, and natural wood tones. Earthen hues led by terracotta push greys to the side and bring with them a return to brown.

Added Luxury

Luxury shows up in various ways in 2022. From the use of brass and gold accents to vintage fixtures, and ornate, exotic natural elements, we see added luxury comes in many forms. Natural “lux” is inspired by the beauty of natural resources and elemental materials that give industrial design an organic makeover. “Wild Living” continues as a driver of casual, blended, and warm elements that reflect relaxed indoor-outdoor living spaces. Think feather plums, dried branches, and florals casually tossed in relaxed vases and pottery. And finally, we have the art of vintage design that adds a fresh direction for traditional styles, Mid-century modern pieces can be mixed into modern designed spaces creating new looks where classic meets casual.

Room by Room Trends

From bathrooms to the kitchen, we find innovation in design inspiring a new look at each room’s function and contribution to elevating a home’s presence. The bathrooms of today feature more furniture, more fabrics, and more flexibility on how the space is used. “Today’s bathroom is a space sensation, private spa, innovation hub and the reflection of a modern interior design, all rolled into one. The wish for a cozy bathroom that’s a pleasure to spend time in, the desire for modern equipment and furnishings with functional added value and a high degree of customizability, as well as growing expectations around sustainability, all play into each other” – InTrend 2022.

Switching gears to living room spaces, all generations tend to favor transitional styles that may include spaces to entertain, sanctuary niches to relax and hallways that function for added storage. Kitchens are working harder than ever to keep up with changing needs in the home post pandemic. The kitchen is still the engine of the home, even more so now that we have fallen back in love with cooking and baking while looking forward to future entertaining. Reimagine storage needs for this multi-functional space that is for work, play, cook and eat. How can the space adapt to different uses throughout the day through built-in flexibility in furnishings and layout.

There are many more trends we could continue to cover but we hope this is a glimpse of the considerations we also look at when designing our virtual model homes with builders and real estate professionals. We encourage you to learn more about the services offered by our friends at Builders Design or ask about our Boundless offering that merges great design from model to virtual experience.

Keep innovative design at the helm of your customer experience and know we are happy to assist! Learn more at Boundless – Focus 360.

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