Grove Village floor plans

Floor Plans

Interactive Floor Plans by Focus 360 improve the home buying experience for your buyer and your sales team.

On your website, or as part of our next™ sales platform, Interactive Floor Plans allow shoppers to modify layouts in real time, discover available upgrades, and explore structural options.

Grove Village Site Map

Site Plans

Interactive Site Plans let buyers navigate inventory, phasing, and lot details in one simple, easy-to-use interface.

Interactive Site Plans can be delivered on your website, or as part of our next™ sales platform, which gives your sales team access to complete details instantly.

Grove Village Vic Map

Vicinity Maps

Interactive Vicinity Maps allow buyers to explore key points of interest that surround your community such as dining, shopping, schools, and entertainment.

Quickly and easily navigate local amenities, and give your buyers the confidence to make an informed purchase.

Accelerate sales

Create, manage and present cutting edge sales collateral all in one place, and give buyers the confidence to purchase pre-build.

next™ can streamline vast amounts of information into the best possible sales message that is easy for your buyer to understand, and easy for your sales team to use. Introduce a WOW factor with custom design options, interactive site plans, interactive floor plans, and immersive renderings… all in real time.

Graphs and charts extruding from a tablet

Be more productive

With 30 years of industry experience behind it, next™ is a powerful, easy, intuitive, efficient, and cost-effective way to centralize the information you need to market properties effectively.

next™ acts like an extra member of your team. Ready on arrival, we custom preload the software with your assets so you don’t have to invest valuable startup time. Save in other ways too, replacing topo tables and pre-printed sales collateral. And next™ is hardware-based, so you don’t need an internet connection for live presentations.

Enjoy the experience

next™ comes with complete asset on-boarding, which means it arrives ready to use with your collateral. The competition’s do-it-yourself model requires a tedious loading process, which can lead to going back to doing things the old way.

Integrate custom Focus 360 renderings or your own existing collateral. We collect your drawings directly from your architects, designers, and builders. Move your business into the future with centralized asset management, broad customer engagement, and a satisfying user experience. next™ is software that you will actually enjoy using because it’s intuitive and comes fully configured.

Sales rep holding a tablet as see shows the customer

next™ vs. The Others

next™ delivers consistent quality and a stable, streamlined experience that’s easy to update and even easier to love.

Helping Marketers

On site and online, next™ software empowers your team to deliver the type of buying experience that today’s sophisticated shopper expects.

Display real time, accurate inventory on your website automatically, and track buyer preferences to adjust design and pricing.

Plus, next™ integrates with your existing CRM.

Salesman showcasing a digital product on a tablet to a prospective buyer

Helping Salespeople

Sell homes faster, clearly, confidently, and efficiently help prospects become buyers.

With next™, everything you need is at your fingertips, including a portfolio of digital sales collateral with print-on-demand capability that will help you to match customer demand with the homes that you currently offer.

Salesman showcasing a digital product on a tablet to a prospective buyer

Ready to Make Your Builder Virtual?

Let’s discuss your budget, timing, and objectives to build out the best virtual experience for your brand. We have a ton of custom or off the shelf options ready to explore with you.

Architectural Renderings

Bring your design to life before it’s even built with our award-winning Architectural Renderings.

We produce interiors, single-family and multi-family elevations, amenities, custom buildings, lifestyle environments, and much more.

Virtual Model Homes

Award-winning Virtual Model Homes by Focus 360 allow your customers to experience what their home will look like before it is built, including custom finishes and textures.